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Rebooting the online music business...

The music industry continues to grapple with the world of digital commerce and appears to be struggling to make sense of it…
It is extremely difficult  for composers and songwriters to make a living.
Old industry conventions, based on the monetizing of performing and mechanical rights have remained unchanged for many decades. In the online world, there is a massive creative workforce writing and producing pop recordings for the new global audience for whom these old business models simply DO NOT WORK.

What do we do?
We maximise earnings, and provide the fair division and prompt payment of royalties, by centralising the necessary administrative processes music pieces must adhere to, by utilising the blockchain network.

By using blockchain technology, ownership, purchase records, accurate accounting and all other details pertaining to any file is indisputable. This makes it the ideal playground for the key processes which Internet Music handles: copyright registration, release, and licensing.

Internet Music is therefore capable of registering a file, making that file available for the public, and licensing it to accredited retailers such as Spotify and Apple Music, and can also handle all royalty payment and reporting duties.